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Feature Product


mantra’s™ Core Premium Yoga Mat Collection offers a heavy and lighter version perfect for all types of yoga practices. The characteristics of each mat are tailored for stability and support with a unique surface for excellent traction. Though the mats are lightweight, their large size allows more room for any workout activity. Check out mantra’s™ Core and Core Lite premium yoga mats available in two colorations.


We have used mantra endurance mat for six months and each time we have a class, people will always choose a mantra mat over the other mats. Not only is the cushion a great comfort level, the size is one of the biggest reasons why people’s choice is mantra every time. With these mats being noticeably longer and wider, people not only feel like they have more space to move, but more room for peace and themselves. Our tallest members, at 6’5″ finally feel they have the proper square footage for movement or something as basic as laying on their backs, they typically hang off the mat on either ends. We are grateful for mantra to realize mats should fit every body.


Kaylee Frano, Owner of Peace.Strength.Yoga
Chattanooga, TN

I like the fact the mantra mat is a little longer, I actually took it to Hot Yoga and found that due to the extra length I had more dry spots to place my hands without having to come out of my pose to wipe them off. It was great to take outdoors because it was long enough to really stretch out on – which typically on a normal sized exercise mat, either my head or feet hang off. Also, after I used the mat on 3 different floor types: carpet/hardwood/outdoors I felt like the traction stand and my feet felt safe and balanced like there were not going to slide.


Shelby Reynolds, Atlanta TRX and Barre Instructor since 2013

I recently received my Endurance exercise mat from mantra style. It is fantastic! I really love the wider width and longer size. It is so much better than any of the other, smaller mats. The thickness is perfect and it feels great under me, while I stretch. I especially like the beige color and it actually matches my decor. Thank you for having a larger, better mat. It really will make me
A Better You“!


Lisa, Real Estate Broker