5 Easy Ways to Start Doing Yoga this Spring

5 Easy Ways to Start Doing Yoga this Spring

Spring Is Here Let Us Get Back To Practicing

Spring is finally here and each of us can feel the lightness not only in the air, but in our bodies, bringing to us much healthier food alternatives, anticipation of summer season on the horizon, and opportunity to enjoy later sunsets with loved ones.

Spring also invites change as well as renewal, inspiring us to clean ourselves of our winter season habits and discover new ideas in nature as blooming flowers and trees surround us.

This is the best time to introduce (or reintroduce!) yourself to the ancient practice of yoga. It is difficult to deny the effectiveness of yoga and the benefits it brings – after 5000 years, yoga still finds its followers, constantly providing them a physical, mental, and spiritual outlet.

Nowadays, more than ever before, yoga seems to be an excellent getaway from our increasingly complicated, full of technology, distracted, modern lives.

Finding peace as well as contentment in every minute is among the most difficult things to achieve, and yoga is your tool to find that much-desired calmness.

For most yoga teachers, the proudest moment is not seeing a student doing the headstand. For sure, that is a quite pleasant moment! But, by far, it is viewing new students roll out their first yoga mat. Usually bought in the drug store, very thin and -slippery, but still amazing nevertheless! This is the very first step when a person in any corner of the world gets acquainted with the easiest yoga exercises and hopefully, will stay with them for the rest of his/her life.

Yoga may be compared to a chocolate. If you’ve lived your whole life never ever trying it, you could lead a completely content existence, as there is absolutely nothing to miss. Yet, as soon as you have actually had that very first taste, there is no turning back.

Of course, you may have no time or money to buy some chocolate, but the satisfaction caused by that familiar taste always lingers somewhere in the back of your mind, until you finally decide to start again stepping onto your mat.

If this spring you finally made a decision to start doing yoga – which alone deserves some respect – you may need some support and guidelines. That’s why we have prepared a list of five rather simple (as well as enjoyable!) ways to start doing yoga this spring.

1. Start Small.

One of the leading reasons people are resistant to starting yoga is the fear of the unknown. With all that name-brand, weird yoga exercise equipment,, and extremely expensive clothes and regular monthly course packages, it’s not surprising that this sector seems not so beginner friendly.

Fortunately, the Internet is full of different cost-free yoga sources. From YouTube videos of hour-long classes, to articles with detailed description of anatomically-correct poses, there is a solution for every yoga follower, both beginners and teachers.

Use online sources to find out more about class etiquette, the background of yoga exercise and names of different poses to ensure that any aspect that makes you feel uncomfortable disappears as you step into your first class.

2. Search Around.

When you start something new, a lot depends on the right environment – place, people and those who guide you. That’s why you should be very picky when looking for the right center or yoga teacher to feel enjoyment while practicing.

Search around and visit as many studios as you can, try various styles of yoga exercise and also different teachers. Pay attention whether the staff remembers your name after the call or the class and asks about injuries and medical conditions. If there is a teacher that inspires you, that’s a good sign that you have found the best place.

Don’t get upset if you do not find your “home” within the first few studios. Yoga has become so popular and trendy in the US, that there is a center and style of technique for everyone — large, small, young, old, businessperson, professional, in a good or not so good shape – you will definitely find something right just for you.

3. Bring A Friend

Anything is much better when you have somebody to share it with! Persuade a friend who is at the same level of experience to go to some classes with you. This will certainly enable you to let your guard down and also enjoy the experience a bit more.

In addition, you will feel not so awkward among people you don’t know. Sometimes, it is a good reason to laugh together and decrease stress. However, don’t forget about respect to others and serious attitude when it comes to exercising and meditation – otherwise, the visit to the yoga class will be useless.

4. Give It A Chance.

The majority of students quit their practice when they cannot repeat Crow pose after just two weeks. Just give it a chance. And give yourself a chance too! The main thing you should realize is that when you enter the world of yoga, all the rules concerning competition, comparison, and also deadlines that you face in your daily life, for example, at work don’t work here.

Yoga is about simply appreciating the journey of uniting the mind and the body. Remember – this is your journey and it has nothing in to do with the person on the mat next to you. Every personality and body is unique. Don’t try to show who is a boss in the class and don’t worry what others may think about you. Because, actually, nobody cares (in a good way).

Come to your mat each time with an open mind and heart, and soon you will be stunned at just how much less complicated the poses will become.

5. Clear Your Mind.

Originally, yoga is a philosophy and way of thinking than a set of exercises and acrobatics. Do your best to clear your mind, releasing all the negativity. Try letting go of any type of preconceived notions about who should practice yoga, how they should look, what they wear, eat and so on and so forth.

Every yoga follower is different and defines it in his or her own way. Also, try to get rid of any judgements concerning yourself. Don’t underestimate your powers and don’t be hard on yourself. Simply appreciate the present moment and enjoy your journey.

Remember – every day is different. Nobody stays motivated and optimistic for every single second. Sometimes your balance and your focus will waver. Yoga is also about accepting your body and your mind as they are, enjoying the life as the gift given to you. Don’t bother yourself thinking about imperfections.

Try these 5 easy ways to start doing yoga this spring and very soon you’ll find yourself completely into it!   Then check out this post about finding the perfect yoga mat for you.

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