Do I Need A Longer Yoga Mat?

Do I Need A Longer Yoga Mat?

How A Longer Yoga Mat Can Improve Your Practice

Although there is no rule when it comes to choosing what size or length yoga mat you need to use, there are a couple variables to think about before you make a choice. There are so many different mat options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and potentially choose a mat that isn’t a good fit for you and your practice.

If your yoga mat is too short, your head and/or your heels will have to rest on the floor. Doing this defeats the purpose of finding a sticky mat, because some extremity will be hanging off or uncomfortable.

Most yoga mats are 68”, so for anyone over 5’8” this is instantly an issue, but even for those shorter than that, it can still pose issues when doing certain poses and stretches. You’ll want to consider your height as well as hip/shoulder width when choosing a mat to ensure you’re able to use your mat in every position.

Some things to try when considering a mat:


  • Try Downward Dog: Your hands and feet need to be on your mat in all poses such as Downward Dog (see below). This is increasingly difficult if you’re taller or have a wider build. In these situations, you’ll want to buy a longer mat or wider yoga mat.
  • Remember, most mats are just 68” long. If you are off the mat in downward dog, buy a longer yoga mat. Longer mats will help stop you from sliding during Downward-Dog, and will keep you on your mat during your vigorous flowing Ashtanga practice!



  • Next, Attempt Corpse Pose: When looking at mats, you can also try corpse pose to make sure your head AND feet fit comfortably on the mat. Depending on your practice, you may find yourself in a park, or in a public studio where you may not want your head touching the bare ground and in this situation, you’ll want to make sure you have a long enough mat.




  • Chaturanga:  When you’re in chaturanga, does your mat stretch wide and long enough for you? If your hands and/or toes hang off of the mat- consider choosing a different mat that is longer or wider.

Visit our Yoga Mats Page to view our entire selection of longer and wider yoga mats.


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