How to Choose Your Best Yoga Mat

How to Choose Your Best Yoga Mat

How to Choose A Yoga Mat That Is Perfect For You

There are many variables in choosing the best yoga mat for your needs. Some features to consider include:


The standard yoga mat is 1/8 inch thick, and some as thick as 1/4 inch. Some travel mats are as thin as 1/16 inch, though those are only recommended if you really need to fit your mat into a small space. We offer mats with varying thickness to best suit your yoga practice. Sizes are generally pretty standard, but we have created a larger mat to fit everyone of every size!


The word “sticky” tends to have a negative connotation in most applications. As yogis, we know that stickiness is very important when choosing a yoga mat. The stickiness will help your feet and hands feel connected and help you to perfect those trickier poses while feeling secure. Our mats are made of highest quality materials to ensure it is the most grippy mat you’ll ever use.


Where do you usually practice? Is it at home? Maybe you travel to a local park? Studio? If your mat is a frequent traveler, you’ll want to make sure to have a mat that travels well, and also a carrying strap to simplify the process. 


There are many different materials used in making yoga mats today. Some are made of PVC, jute, rubber, or cotton. As yogis, the tenet of ahimsa is very important to us. We didn’t want to create a mat that was made of traditional materials that ends up clogging up a landfill. So we chose to manufacture our mats out of eco-friendly vinyl, which has no VOCs, is non-toxic, latex and phthalate free and is also anti-microbial. Our mat is not only durable, but also made with the environment in mind.


There is a large price range for yoga mats. A PVC 1/8 inch thick mat will be at the lower end of the spectrum, while a thicker, eco-friendly mat will be at the higher end of the price range. Depending on your budget and plans for practice, there are many different mats that could be a good fit for you. At Mantra Style, we chose to make mats at different price points to help provide everyone with a high-quality, eco-friendly mat


Now that you’ve narrowed it down by thickness, material, stickiness and other criteria, the last variable is style. At Mantra Style, our motto is “A Better You” and we believe that your yoga practice will help you to become that. We offer various colors so you have options when choosing your mat, since you’ll be seeing a lot of it during downward dog! 

Take all you’ve learned, and shop all our yoga mats to find your perfect mat!

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